Friday, 4 August 2017

Kuki Airani Drum Beat Challenge #2

Turou, Turou, Turou! Oro mai, Oro mai, Aere mai! I e koko!

This afternoon 3 enthusiastic and eager students from Room 2 created a drum beat using items available in our classroom they were creative by using a contemporary beat as well. Please take the time to look at some wonderful children from the Cook Islands who love to drum every day as much as we do. 


We hope you enjoy our Challenge #2 as much as we did. Have a great weekend ahead. Kia Mataora e Kia Manuia i te Epetoma o te Reo Maori Kuki Airani 2017. 

Aroa Nui, Miss Tumutoa and Room 2. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

..Aro'a mai te Atua iaku Imene..

Kia Orana tatou katoatoa i te aroa maata o to tatou Atua! Yes, that's right! It's Cook Islands language week for 2017. We are celebrating this week by learning the beautiful song called 'Aro'a mai te Atua iaku'. We love singing in Cook Islands language. Here are the words you can sing with your family and friends at home... 

Aro’a mai te Atua iaku
Aro’a mai te Atua iaku
I te au mea taku kite nei
Te anuanua kua iti mai ki roto iaku
Aro’a mai te Atua iaku

My God loves me
My God loves me
And all the wonders I see
The rainbow shines through my window
My God loves me. 

Kia Orana is both a blessing and a wish for good fortune.


Have a manea week. 
Meitaki Maata, 
Miss Tumutoa & Room 2. 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Cook Islands Language Challenge #1.

Image result for kia orana greeting
Kia Orana from Room 2. 
Tangi Ke Parents and Caregivers of Room 2, 

We would like to present and share with you all our excellent students of Room 2 who have learnt about how to introduce themselves in Cook Islands reo. We have learnt from the  'Aka'aravei'anga ui'anga e te pa'u'anga resource sheet to support our learning. 

Here is some  interesting information about our students in our awesome video snippet. 

Ebony- New Zealand Maori/Cook Islands
Jalyn - Cook Islands Maori/Niuean 
Anita- Cook Islands Maori'
Natasha - Samoan 
Saijzaan-Emerald - New Zealand Maori.

Kia Manuia, 

Miss Tumutoa & Room 2. 


Kuki Airani National Anthem 'Te Atua Mou E'

Tangi Ke Parents and Caregivers of Room 2, 

This week we have been singing the lyrics to the Cook Islands National Anthem. Please encourage our tamariki to learn the words during this special Cook Islands Language week. Pakau, Room 2. 

Te Atua mou ē

Ko koe rāi te pū
O te pā 'enua ē
'Akarongo mai
I tō mātou nei reo
Tē kāpiki atu nei
Pāruru mai
I a mātou nei
'Omai te korona mou
Kia ngāteitei
Kia vai rāi te aro'a
O te pā 'enua ē.

Meitaki Maata, 
Miss Tumutoa. 

What is Meitaki?

Meitaki is one of the three core values of Kia Orana.

Meitaki means everything is good, well, OK and thank you all in one. Each of our islands have their own extension of Meitaki, always to emphasise the large amount of good being referred to. Meitaki Maata means - Thank you very much. Meitaki also refers to how we are feeling if we are feeling good. It is how we share how happy we feel. Meitaki is the sound of our Cook Islands Spirit shinning. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Cook Islands Language Week. Te 'Epetoma O Te Reo Maori Kuki Airani

Kia Orana Parents and Anau of Room 2,

We are so excited to teach and learn about the Cook Islands. The theme for Te ‘Epetoma o te Reo Māori Kūki ’Āirani: Cook Islands Language Week 2017 is:`Ei rāvenga nāku i te tuatua i tōku reo Māori Kūki ’Āirani ka anoano au i te turuturu ā tōku ngutu`are tangata `ē te matakeinanga. An encouraging home and community environment is what I need to build my love and my confidence to speak my reo Māori Kūki ’Āirani. 

What is Kia Orana ? 

"May you live a long and fulfilling life"

Kia Orana is both a blessing and a wish for good fortune. 
Kia Orana communicates the essence of our people and islands. 

Meitaki Maata, 

Miss Tumutoa and Room 2. 

Who Am I? Posters from Students and Parents and Whanau of Room 2


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Anzac Art - Lest We Forget

..A N Z A C..

Xin Chào to our Parents and Whanau of Room 2, we would like to share our current Visual Arts task we have done. We had so much fun creating some wonderful poppies. Feel free to come and visit our brilliant classroom to see how it's all going. Nau mai, haere mai. 

WALT: draw and paint a poppy.
Success Criteria: draw a large sized poppy with a pencil. 
Use the appropriate paint colours; red, black and green to represent a poppy with a paint brush. 

Here is a small poem about Anzac we have learnt, now we have some new vocabulary we can share with our family and friends at home and school. 

Here is 'The Last Post' video link for you to enjoy:

Tạm biệt, we hope you have a beautiful week ahead. 
Miss Tumutoa and Room 2